Mets Fans For Yankees?

Yesterday I
was listening to Boomer and
Carton on WFAN 660AM
and heard Carton
promote a Mets fans for Yankees sect something akin to the
religious sect “Jews for


That’s one “religion”
I have no desire to join,


Carton may
be clowning around doing a “bit” for his show, but no real Mets fan could ever
truly root for the Yankees. That would be like
Jesus rooting for the devil.


In other
words this would and should be considered blasphemy and I hope Carton repents
of his sacrilegious behavior.


I don’t
think I could even joke about something like that no matter how much I was
getting paid.


I’m a Mets
fan which means I despise the Yankees and I hope they lose each and every time
they play as any other real Mets fan should.


I’ll definitely
be talking about this subject and more on the
Phil Naessens Show this week!

Please keep it clean!

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